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Sabre saw blades

Manufactured using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, using high quality raw materials, these jack saw blades have been designed to ensure excellent and long-lasting performance on all materials. The CMT blades are coated with "Orange Shield Coating Non-Stick"™. Non-stick that prevents overheating, drastically reduces the accumulation of resin and protects against corrosion.
HCS (carbon steel): For cutting softwood or plastic.
BIM (bimetal with 8% cobalt): For excellent and long-lasting performance on metals, wood with nails and plastic.
HW (hard metal): Suitable for building materials such as fibre cement boards, bricks and porous concrete.
Geometry is important
Ground teeth, straight cutting line: For simple cutting of raw and building wood, plywood and plastic.
Milled teeth, set cutting line: For simple and extreme cuts on soft/hard wood, aluminium, plastic, ferrous/non-ferrous metals.
Milled teeth, corrugated cutting line: For precise cutting of thin and thick metals, pipes, open and closed profiles.